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CCM Hockey is a leading brand in the world of ice hockey equipment, and there are several reasons why their gear is considered among the best. Firstly, CCM's commitment to research and development ensures that they are constantly innovating and improving their products, leading to gear that is more protective, durable, and comfortable. Additionally, CCM's use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques results in gear that is both lightweight and strong. Finally, CCM's attention to detail and design means that their gear not only performs well but also looks great on the ice. Overall, the combination of innovation, quality materials, and attention to detail is what sets CCM hockey gear apart from the rest.

Starting in 2022, Fenwick Hockey has partnered with CCM for our player equipment and has provided a discount for our team members. This applies to both equipment and apparel. Please see the catalogs on this page for items you wish to purchase.


Boys Teams:

It is required for all players to have a black CCM helmet, CCM pants or shells (which will be decorated with the Fenwick shield), and a CCM team glove.

Girls Teams:

It is required for all players to have a black helmet, Fenwick CCM shells, and black CCM glove. Club team helmets or gloves of different colors are not acceptable.

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