Boys Summer Sessions

Fenwick Hockey Summer sessions are an opportunity to take some time away from the ice, focus on off-ice workouts and conditioning. We do have a 4 day "training camp" starting Monday June 5 through Thursday June 8th. Off-ice will begin that week offering 3 sessions per day to accommodate summer classes, work or other commitments. Beginning July 11th, we will start on-ice sessions leading to tryouts on Sunday August 13th (more information to follow).


This is open to all Fenwick High School enrolled or incoming students.


Summer sessions start June 5, 2023 through tryouts starting August 13, 2023.


Off-ice sessions are held at Fenwick High School.

On-ice sessions are held at Ridgeland Commons and Edge Ice Arena.


Mondays: 8:10p-9:40p Ridgeland Group 1
Tuesdays: 6:20p-7:20p Edge East Group 2
Wednesdays: 6:50p-8:20p Ridgeland Group 2
Thursdays: 6:20p-7:20p Edge East Group 1

2023 Summer

Info: Summer sesssions are a great way to stay in shape and get that work in throughout the summer. 

Prices: $350

Dates of Sessions: Off-ice sessions start June 13th and will run Tues/Thurs/Fridays at a 10am session and 2pm session.  Ice sessions will start the week of July 10th.  

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